Greek Yogurt
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Greek Yogurt

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What is Greek Yogurt? Greek yogurt has been drained, removing much of the whey. This results in a significantly thicker, creamier yogurt.  This product is only shipped in plastic containers, if you'd like your product in glass, please visit a retail store or one of the farmer's markets.

Varieties available in 5 oz or 15 oz :

  • Plain - Made with just our fresh milk and active cultures, it doesn’t get much simpler than this.  Quite tart and very versatile. Use it for cooking, add honey to eat it like they do in Greece, mix in fruit.. some brave souls even eat it straight [also available in 30 oz]. Dave (“the farmer”) uses it as a substitute for sour cream.
  • Maple - Our plain yogurt with maple syrup from our neighbor’s sugar shack added in. It is just a hint of maple - for flavor and sweetness. A great base for adding in your own favorite yogurt flavorings - whether that be a little more maple syrup, some fresh fruit, or perhaps some jam.
  • Vanilla - Our basic yogurt with vanilla added. Again, not a terribly sweet yogurt, but if you find it too tart, it is perfect for adding in whatever you like. 

Varieties available in 5 oz only - made with high quality chocolate sauces from Sundae's Best in Saratoga County:

  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Chocolate Raspberry

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