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This cheese is developed on the farm because of Marge, the cheesemaker. She purchased some Italian cheese molds that she discovered in her early years in the cheese making world. The cheese that was produced in these molds caught her eye because of the natural rind on the basket weave design that encircled the cheese. Her goal was to have the cheese be distinctive not only to the palate but also to the eye. So, she had the mold; now she needed the cheese, a little backward, but it worked.

With the help of another cheesemaker and several trial cheese makes, a recipe was born, to use the Italian molds. The recipe used to make Grace today is a combination of about three different cheese recipes and several adjustments to the original recipe.

This raw milk, aged cheese is similar to aged Gouda. It has a creamy texture, with a smooth bite. It is washed with a special liquid during the aging process, which runs between three and six months. During this time it develops its distinctive taste and rind. The longer it is aged, the sharper it becomes. It melts well and makes a great macaroni and cheese .... if you have any left-overs after serving it with wine !


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