Last Minute Gift Ideas

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The weather outside does not act like the holidays are just around the corner, but they are. If you are like me, you have a few gifts to pick up and might even need to ship them too. Most of these gifts are usually for individuals that fall into two groups:

Business/professional contacts that have been especially helpful to us or our family, or relatives and friends that we do not see on a regular basis but want to send them something special at this time of year.

Argyle Cheese Farmer has gift baskets that can be an answer to these last minute gifts. The baskets are wrapped in holiday boxes/baskets with gift cards describing what is included in the box along with a little history about Argyle Cheese Farmer. A personalized note to the recipient will be scripted. Aged, hard cheeses, yogurt, cheese curds, and other local products can be placed in these festive boxes.

The price can range from $10 - $100, you pick. Check out the photos here on Facebook or here on our website. You can email us at or call us at (518) 222-0667 to ask questions or place an order.

You can pick up the gifts here in Argyle or at the Troy or Saratoga Farmers Markets. We do ship via UPS. We suggest the box be delivered within two days. The cost of shipping depending on where the box is be sent and the weight of the box. Call or email us for the final cost.

Finally, all of us here at Argyle Cheese Farmer, send our wishes of a very special and meaningful Christmas this year and a blessed new year.

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