10 Mar 2014
March 10, 2014

Farmer In The Big City

Last week a good friend, Beth Trattel, and I drove to NYC to be part of the International Restaurant Show. The three day event filled the bottom floor of the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. Needless to say it was a bit overwhelming for this country girl. We sampled yogurt and cheese curds to the multitudes. It was a great experience and we met lots of great folks. The common response after someone tasted the Greek yogurt was, “That is the best Greek Yogurt I have ever had, where can I buy this?” The discussion turned to “Where are you located?”, which lead my friend, Beth, to use her artistic ability to draw a map of NYS and show where Argyle is in relationship to NYC. You might be able to see her “masterpiece” on the purple paper in the photo. Most people were interested in the farm and how we got started, but most of all they wanted to buy our products. We are working on the logistics of moving product from Argyle to the 250 restaurants, bars, caterers and shops that have requested information. I would say the the trip was a success.